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twitterBtnTarantulas are fascinating, but often misunderstood creatures. Infamous for their impressive size, these “big hairy spiders” are have become more and more popular as “exotic pets” in recent years. Over 850 species are currently known, ranging from African and Madagascar, through the Middle East, Asia, parts of southern Europe, Australia, Central and Southern America, and parts of the US. They range in habits and form from burrowing terrestrial species, to arboreal climbers, from drab looking blacks and browns, to vivid blues and reds, from shy and retiring to bold and aggressive.This site aims to educate about tarantulas and tarantula husbandry.

For general information on keeping tarantulas, start here. You’ll find a good overview which can then be supplemented with species specific information from the caresheets and other articles on the site.
header_caresheetsTarantula Caresheets providing species specific information on a growing number of tarantula species.


Discover how an irrational fear of spiders was beaten, by keeping tarantulas!

If you’re a beginner looking for information about choosing and caring for your first tarantula, or an experienced keeper looking for specific information about a certain species then I hope you’ll find something of value here. Do contact me with any questions, suggestions, or information about tarantulas and tarantula husbandry, and I hope you grow to love these unique and interesting spiders as much as I have.

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